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Ellie’s Best (10% discount code – FEEDYOURSISTER)

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Our big 12″ X 12″ commercial grade nut milk bag is made of fine mesh nylon cheesecloth, is reusable, and functions perfectly as an all-purpose strainer and cold brew coffee filter.

We designed our #1 best-selling nut milk bag in response to customer requests for a bigger better quality bag than the small egg-shaped ones. It has a wider opening and rounded corners to eliminate waste and messy pouring. Designed with the best FOOD GRADE commercial nylon mesh. It’s the perfect shape & size with more surface area to squeeze. Start making the most nutritious, creamy & silky smooth, nut milks & juices! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Our amazing Nut Milk Bag is preferred by chefs and natural food lovers for its super strong construction and pulp-free performance. It’s easier to squeeze for faster results and you’ll never have to filter your almond milks or cold brew coffee twice. Fast Drying and Mold Free With Nylon Drawstring. Makes Small 8oz or Big 4 Quart Recipes Easily. The Perfect Shape for Pouring Without Spilling. Clean and Sanitary SQUEEZE AS HARD AS YOU WANT IT’S RESTAURANT TESTED!! – ELLIE’S BEST IS THE LONGEST LASTING STRONGEST & MOST VERSATILE NUTBAG & NYLON FOOD STRAINER AVAILABLE – Fine Italian Nylon Mesh – Food Grade Certified – BPA Free – Triple Nylon Seams – Easily Holds Up to Daily Use! IT WORKS BETTER THAN CHEESECLOTH & OUTLASTS CHEESE CLOTH – You Can Squeeze it With Both Hands Unlike the Smaller Bags – The Best Almond Milk Maker – Vitamix Blender Juicer – Cold Brew Coffee Maker – You Get Professional Quality & the Best Designed Bag of Them All – Guaranteed or Your Money Back – Start Making the Most Nutritious, Creamy & Silky Smooth, Nut Milks & Juices! Only Available on Amazon!

YOUR PRO QUALITY BAG COMES WITH A VALUABLE BONUS – A FREE RECIPE E-BOOK & HOW TO VIDEOS – OUR FAVORITE RECIPES INCLUDE UNIQUE AND YUMMY CHOCOLATE, STRAWBERRY & BANANA DRINKS! Also important info to get you started making perfect Nut Milks & Coffee Drinks. Go to the web address on the package label to get your free e-book and videos. We 100% Guarantee You Will Love It! ORDER YOUR NUT MILK BAG NOW! And maybe an extra one for blender juicing or to surprise a friend! WE LOVE USING THIS BAG & YOU WILL TOO!