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About Me

feed your sister aboutHello and welcome!

I’m Elia. By day, I’m a preschool teacher traveling around the city, carrying my packed lunch and snacks for the day, and working with children who have special needs in their classrooms. By night, I am a self-proclaimed foodie and self-taught chef.

I started this blog back in 2010 (RIP www.feedyoursister.blogspot.com) because I enjoyed cooking and feeding the ones I love. Although not much has changed in regards to why I cook, much has changed about the way I cook and the things I like to eat. I’ve learned so much about what my body likes, what it needs and how to treat it better. This new way of life for me has made me happier in and out of the kitchen!

When I’m in my kitchen I’m happy and it soothes my soul. I love entertaining friends and family. Whether it’s a last minute brunch, dinner, a potluck or bringing in what I’ve made for my colleagues where I teach, it’s always been something I enjoy! Some may say I am a food pusher, very much like the stereotypical Jewish mother/grandmother type. The thing is… it’s true! I enjoy watching people eat my food, it makes me feel great! The people that suffer from this the most are my family and friends. I’m always making them try what I make, hear about what my next meal will be and/or what I’m excited to cook up next!

Being that it’s almost 2018, I’m giving this whole food blog thing another shot! Now that you have learned a bit about me I hope you’ll find this blog helpful, inspiring, fun to read and most of all, delicious! Please enjoy and remember to always feed your sister, brother, mother, father, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, baby, daughter, son… the list goes on!

I always get asked, “Why Feed Your Sister?” and “Do you have a sister?”

feed your sister | about meWell… Yes, I do have a sister, her name is Ashley, and she loves doing imitations/voices of various people. So the story goes a little something like this…It’s early 2010, my sister, brother and I (I have another brother as well) are in the backseat of my parent’s car on a road trip to somewhere. I had packed some homemade car snacks, because DUH, I’m always thinking about my next meal or snack and probably spoke about said snacks for 24 hours leading up to the trip! As I explained, I’m a food pusher. Ashley is next to me on my left (I’m in the middle seat) wearing oversized grandma sunglasses. While I’m feeding my brother on my right, she decides she wants some of the food too. She turns to me and says, “Feed Yuh Sista,” imitating the voice of a Jewish yente. We all laugh and I hand feed her, literally! Take a second to imagine what that sounds and looks like…And that was it, it stuck…FEED YOUR SISTER was born! It’s still something my family says and the accent always brings on a good laugh.


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